Wendy Susan Richmond Presents...

$1,000,000 a Year to $1,000,000 a Month

a Case Study...from General /Implant PPO

to Full Arch Practice


December 6th

4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern

Wendy Susan Richmond

Marketing Director for Several Multi-Million Dollar Dental Practices Over the Last 11 Years

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Going Through the Case Study You'll Learn About...

  • How To - Know Where You Are Currently

  • How To - Figure Out Your #1 Missing Link

  • How To - Have No Competition in Your Area

  • How To - Create Content That Drives Patients In

  • How To - Use Content for One-of-a-Kind Status

  • How To - Keep Your Money Flowing River Open

  • How To - Make a Different Kind of Patient Relationship

  • How To - Get Everyone on Board

  • How To - Get Over This Mis-Read Specific Challenge

  • How To - Understand Your Most Important New Patient

  • How To - Start with the End in Mind

  • How To - Know Where to Begin

WARNING: Space is limited. We have room for 100 participants and they fill up quickly...

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